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January 4, 2016

The first paper from my postdoc at Warwick has been accepted and is now available online:

Gracie, Moores, Smith, Harding, Girolami, Graham & Faulds, “Preferential attachment of specific fluorescent dyes and dye labelled DNA sequences in a SERS multiplex,” to appear in Analytical Chemistry. DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.5b02776

No Bayesian methods in this one, as the model and algorithms are still under development (watch this space…) Instead, I use nonparametric bootstrap confidence intervals for comparison of Raman peak intensity.

I also have two middle-author papers accepted from my PhD work. The first is a review of Bayesian modelling and computation for satellite imagery:

Falk, Alston, McGrory, Clifford, Heron, Leonte, Moores, Walsh, Pettitt & Mengersen (2015) “Recent Bayesian approaches for spatial analysis of 2-D images with application to environmental modelling,” Environmental and Ecological Statistics 22(3): 571-600. DOI: 10.1007/s10651-015-0311-1

The second paper introduces a method for aligning 3D CT scans using DICOM coordinates:

Hargrave, Mason, Guidi, Miller, Becker, Moores, Mengersen, Poulsen & Harden, “Automated replication of cone beam CT-guided treatments in the Pinnacle³ treatment planning system for adaptive radiotherapy,” to appear in the Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences. DOI: 10.1002/jmrs.141

There are also two draft papers available as online pre-prints:

Drovandi, Moores & Boys, “Accelerating Pseudo-Marginal MCMC using Gaussian Processes,” Technical Report, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.

Moores, Pettitt & Mengersen, “Scalable Bayesian Inference for the Inverse Temperature of a Hidden Potts Model,” arXiv:1503.08066 [stat.CO]

Last but not least, my thesis has been posted on the QUT ePrints server:

Moores (2015) “Bayesian computational methods for spatial analysis of images,” PhD thesis, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.

An extended abstract is available online:

Moores (2016) “Bayesian computational methods for spatial analysis of images,” to appear in the Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society. DOI: 10.1017/S0004972715001598

2015 was a very busy and successful year. Looking forward to publishing more great science with all of my co-authors in 2016!

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